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Exoskeleton Sessions

Thanks to the amazing charity, The Australian Institute of Neurorehab, we are lucky to be able to offer access to a REX Exoskeleton as part of your therapy! The REX is accessible to individuals with all different types of injury including stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury and other neurological conditions.


The REX exoskeleton is a fantastic treatment tool as it allows the user to stand, walk and do standing exercises including squats and lunges with their hands free to complete upper body exercises. The REX is also great for: building strength + cardiovascular fitness, maintaining bone mineral density and can also assist with gait retraining. Exoskeletons are the way of the future and we are excited to be working towards this. 


As with all technology, the REX exoskeleton has some user requirements. Any clients wanting to use the REX must be:

·      Between 1.42 and 1.93m tall

·      Between 40-100kg body weight

·      Have sufficient range of motion in the legs

Please ring the Breaking Boundaries team prior to scheduling a REX session so we can ask you some questions to help us determine whether the exoskeleton is an appropriate treatment tool for you!

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